Patients’ rights and duties

Each patient in Humanitas Mater Domini has the right:

  • To be treated and assisted in an appropriate and continuous way, with the most modern scientific resources and the finest technology available;
  • To the respect for his/her dignity and personal creed, without discrimination towards age, sex, race, nationality, social condition, religion or political opinion;
  • To be informed and encouraged to participate in a knowledgeable, active and safe way, in the care process with the use of comprehensible methods and language; Furthermore, the patient has the right to reject all or part of the proposed treatment and be informed about the consequences of his refusal and alternative therapies;
  • To request a second opinion without fear of compromising his/her care inside and outside the Institute;
  • To the respect for privacy in the conduct of medical and care services and in the treatment of personal data while handling information related to his/her health;
  • To a complete evaluation and management of pain;
  • To express his/her opinion through the available channels (e.g. service assessment questionnaire) and to refer to the Public Relations Office if he/she considers his/her rights violated;
  • To a respectful and pitiable care at point of death;
  • To not have his/her name printed in the list of patients;
  • To communicate his/her not wish to have visitors during hospital stay.

Furthermore Humanitas Mater Domini:

  • Has adopted procedures that protect particularly the following vulnerable categories: children, pregnant women and disabled people;
  • Provides to oncology patients or with evident disability, the necessary information about the facilities provided by law;
  • Collaborates with general medicine practitioners to favour integration and continuity of treatment;
  • Has stipulated conventions with other hospitals to guarantee inpatients those services not covered by the Institute;
  • Has a list of territorial institutes and facilities for patients needing home rehabilitation or assistance at the end of their stay;
  • Has an internal cultural mediation service to enable communications with foreign patients who do not understand Italian;
  • Collaborates with volunteer workers to supply human, practical and social support to patients and their families.

Patients’ Responsabilities

Patients must:

  • behave responsibly and in respect of other patients, staff, environment and equipment; cooperate with the ward staff and keep to the therapeutic and behavioural indications received, so as to facilitate a good outcome of treatment and a pleasant hospital stay;
  • use mobile phones in common spaces only, except for the areas where they are not allowed;
  • respect the prohibition of smoking in all places of the Institute.